Ragabout Che

With the body of a teddy bear and the voice of a grizzly, Bear Schwartzsfend cuts an unlikely figure for any world's greatest genius. But it is he who invents the multinet, a network connecting the various internets of all worlds. Remote alien races can now converse, bringing information, trade, culture--and crime.

Bear counts himself responsible, and attempts to thwart the attacks on his native homeworld by himself. Your standard megalomaniac presents him with no problem, but two of the invaders have more subtle motives. The mute assassin is happy to retire to Bear's side, but the smiling thief appears to have no side at all. He steals Bear's next invention, forcing the inventor and his new assistant to follow him across worlds and dimensions. Words do nothing, force is unthinkable, and somehow Bear finds himself defending his quarry more often than chasing him. They both try to bring civilization with them, solving problems without violence--even though the problems were also brought courtesy of the thief.

Bear saves them time and again. But even he must fail eventually, and when he does his two companions must cooperate or lose their common friend.



Ragabout Che is now available as an E-book that you can download in multiple e-reader formats!


Table of Contents


How to Lose Friends and Irritate People (Japanese Title: A Blinding Flash!! Is It Magic or Just His Bald Head?)

Stray Cat Strut (Japanese Title: Showdown Between Main Characters! The Evil of Cute Things.)

Failures of Narrative (Japanese Title: A Thousand Unrelated Stories! Fanservice!!)

Sudden Loss of Momentum (Japanese Title: An Illness! Showdown Between Main Characters Part Two!!)

A Lack of Something Sinister (Japanese Title: A Great Deception Awaits! What You Say?!)


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